Friday, 16 June 2017

Project Moving Image - Visual Poem V2 (After Effects)

-- Black and white Version --

-- Color Version --

-- Project movie (animation) Moving Image -- May/June 2017

Personal project with researches around shapes and colors, the atmosphere created by them and illustrating the mood of the music (Igor Stravinsky's Trois Pieces No.2)

----------- This new version is made with the software After effects. -----------

First version made with Premiere Pro (first version created in September 2016) :

The assignment was to create an abstract animation moving on the music Igor Stravinsky's Trois Pieces No.2 using the software Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Visual Sound (After Effects + Logic Pro X)

-- Sound Design collage -- April 2017

Sound made in Logic Pro X and shapes made in After effects.
The animation is made thanks to a generator (by converting the audio into key frames) that reacts on the audio.

Sound Design

-- Sound Design collage -- April 2017

Daily life to spooky sound.
All the sounds are made with an audio recorder.

Re-cut Trailer Fifty Shades Darker

-- Advanced Film making exercise -- April 2017

The exercise consists of making a re-cut trailer with an opposite genre than the original movie. Here I chose Fifty Shades Darker (Romantic, Drama, Erotic) and made it into a thriller, suspense movie.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Project Moving Image - Dimensions (experimentation)

--Project movie Moving Image-- February/March 2016

Assignment: Free project

Experiment with dimensions. How many dimensions are there? Which one is the truth? What happens if we decide to make another decision at the same moment? Everything changes, becomes new. The time is also changing. We cannot perceive the influence of it in our lives without giving it a meaning and a number (1 second, minute, hour etc.). We could also be walking backwards without knowing or because we don't belong to the dimension where it happens. Here is a visual translation of how I see different decisions made and the infinite possibilities of dimensions that could exist.

----------- The installation in the room -----------

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Project Moving Image - My .exe

--Project movie Moving Image-- January 2016

Assignment: The Passion project

For this project, each student picks one of these formats (fiction, portret, video essay). Music videos are not allowed.


According to these rules, I decided to try to make a video only using texts and sounds/musics but no dialogs. 
I wanted to see how the different personalities are reflected through the texts, the way we write and react. This is also a social denunciation because of the technology that took place in our lives and replaces the human contact by the virtual communication. I got inspired by the serie Black Mirror (2011), that also shows how technology became absurd because of the way we use it and the fact that it destroys every relation in society. The plot of my movie is this struggle of knowing the truth but still wondering if it's better to continue this virtual communication as a way of distraction or to escape a sad reality.

The idea of the title came from a girl who got tricked by a computer and fell in love with it. So, this "virtual boyfriend" is a program (the extension .exe comes from "executable", a program that you can open). I wanted to play with the name "ex-boyfriend" and executable program, and in order to make it more personal, it became "My .exe".

The clues I left in the movies, for instance the images (stock photos), the different personalities (one eating a lot or the other who only drinks coffee) or the fact that Kevin answers so fast (way faster than the time we need to write) are made on purpose to make the audience ask themselves: something is wrong with Kevin but I can't say what it is. He appears weird and suspicious.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Montage Theory Exercise - Untitled V2

--Montage theory exercise-- December 2016 

Evolution of the exercise below :

- Video sequence 1,5 – 3 minutes
- Black and white
- Stable camera and no dynamic zoom
- 5-7 different shots (or more)
- 1 close-up and 1 total  (or more)
- 2 shots need to be included twice (or more often)
- Surrealistic or expressionistic style
- Dialectic, dramatic, epic or non-linear montage
- No dialogues, only diegetic sound (no music!)

This time, we could include some effects or zoom. The aim of this was to find link between images and make them fit together.