Thursday, 4 January 2018

Project Moving Image - Digital.php

-- Project movie (animation) Moving Image -- December 2017

The title refered to the extension .php used in the world of hacking. The concept in this video is to use a traditional technique (sand) to represent a feature of the digital world of computers: the hack. Starting from the analog world, the digital is trying to integrate inside a world where it doesn't belong to, creating therefore, crashes and lags because of the incompatibility of the older versions. 

Sound effects: 

TOP10 GLITCH Sound Effect [High Quality] 
Loominarty - Free Adobe After Effects Project Computer Intro 
Sound Effect - Loading Sound Effect Glitch 
SoundEffectsMachine - Futuristic Computer 
Sound Effects Vinyl Crackling sound sample THE SAMPLIST

----------- Previous tests with sand: -----------

Project Moving Image - Digital Morphing test

-- Project movie (animation) Moving Image -- November 2017

Creation of Morphing Shapes in After Effects, using natural sounds as water, sand, glass, plastics etc.
This video is a Motion Graphics experimentation, giving life to abstract forms.


Friday, 16 June 2017

Project Moving Image - Visual Poem V2 (After Effects)

-- Black and white Version --

-- Color Version --

-- Project movie (animation) Moving Image -- May/June 2017

Personal project with researches around shapes and colors, the atmosphere created by them and illustrating the mood of the music (Igor Stravinsky's Trois Pieces No.2)

----------- This new version is made with the software After effects. -----------

First version made with Premiere Pro (first version created in September 2016) :

The assignment was to create an abstract animation moving on the music Igor Stravinsky's Trois Pieces No.2 using the software Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Visual Sound (After Effects + Logic Pro X)

-- Sound Design collage -- April 2017

Sound made in Logic Pro X and shapes made in After effects.
The animation is made thanks to a generator (by converting the audio into key frames) that reacts on the audio.

Sound Design

-- Sound Design collage -- April 2017

Daily life to spooky sound.
All the sounds are made with an audio recorder.

Re-cut Trailer Fifty Shades Darker

-- Advanced Film making exercise -- April 2017

The exercise consists of making a re-cut trailer with an opposite genre than the original movie. Here I chose Fifty Shades Darker (Romantic, Drama, Erotic) and made it into a thriller, suspense movie.